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The Slave River Coalition is a community initiative seeking to foster holistic public engagement with the Slave River through traditional, recreational and educational activities that support the social, environmental and economic sustainability of the watershed.

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Home to a unique pelican colony

November 13th, 2015|Comments Off on Home to a unique pelican colony

The Slave River: home to a unique pelican colony Amid the surging rapids of the Slave River, the American White Pelican sits calmly atop of the roaring water, devouring lamprey and fish by the bucketful almost idly, as if sitting [...]

Slave River

The mighty Slave River stretches over 430 kilometres from the Peace-Athabasca Delta in Wood Buffalo National Park in northern Alberta, sustained by the flows of the great Athabasca and Peace Rivers. A wide channel of silt-laden fresh water heading northward, the otherwise peaceful Slave is marked by four sets of raging rapids before calmly entering Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories.

Abundant in migratory birds, moose, fish, bears and other fur-bearing animals like beaver, mink and muskrat, the Slave River watershed has served as a key source of food and clothing for Indigenous peoples since time immemorial.

From the first canoes to the iconic 19th century paddle wheelers, the river has served as a trade and transportation route for hundreds of years. Whether it’s kayaks playing on the world class whitewater or motorboats heading out moose hunting, people’s connection to the Slave River remains strong to this day.

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